UAE customer service pitfalls – and how to avoid them

Frustrations with poor customer service and therefore a terrible customer experience, are common the world over and the UAE is no exception. Across all sectors, the Emirates achieves a disappointingly average customer service rating of ‘moderate’ according to the annual UAE Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), published by Kuwait-based Service Hero. Over all dimensions of customer service, there is a negative gap of -6.7 between expectation and reality. And while a gap of up to -3 is acceptable, according to the index, the figures clearly show that the UAE has a long way to go. But as Accenture’s Global Consumer Pulse Survey 2017 states, ‘there is remarkably little change in the past three years in terms of the things companies do [...]

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Boosting employee engagement: how can it impact your bottom line?

Do you look forward to going to work? Okay, but how about your employees? It’s a question worth asking because the degree to which employees are engaged with their job has a direct effect on their productivity, loyalty and inclination to absenteeism, which in turn affect company profitability. The connection between employee engagement and profitability is long-established and not at all surprising but recent research has revealed the extent to which it applies. And for any company executive with an interest in getting the most out of their workforce, it places an emphasis on the need to boost employee engagement which simply cannot be ignored. So what defines an engaged worker? Put simply, engagement is a measure of your employees’ [...]

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No comprende: 5 ways companies fail to understand their customers

All successful businesses have one thing in common: they focus on what best serves their customers. Unfortunately, not every business understands this. SME owners may be inspired to try and change the world, but they may be more focused on their product than on the people who will benefit from it. While company executives may be too busy managing the business to really recognise their customers’ needs. If a company’s strategy and processes are customer-centric, striving for the best customer experience possible, that can’t help but be a money-maker. Happy, loyal customers will not only keep giving you money, but they’ll also become ambassadors for your brand. So here are five ways your company might be failing to understand its [...]

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Numbers or people? Why customers and data go hand-in-hand

A successful company has customers at its core. Long gone are the days of one-size-fits-all advertising and competition based solely on price. If you want to get – and keep – customers, you need to be interacting with them and building relationships on a one-to-one level. But that isn’t enough. As a successful modern enterprise you’ll be using data-driven insights to understand your customers’ needs in a rapidly evolving world, enabling you to proactively evolve your products alongside those needs. Many of the successful new ‘disruptive’ businesses – including Uber and Airbnb – are using data and its analysis as the cornerstone of their entire business model. Against this background you don’t want to risk being left behind, possibly disrupted [...]

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Can you feel it? Improving customer experience through emotions

When you last bought something, do you know why you bought it? Why did you choose one brand in preference to another? Why did you plump for an iPhone instead of a Samsung? Why do you get your coffee from Starbucks rather than somewhere else? We all like to think our decisions are based on rational thinking. But there’s much more to it. Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman tells us that at least 95% of all cognition occurs subconsciously. The subconscious mind is where our emotions brood, and where much of our day-to-day behaviour is shaped. As a business owner you won’t be surprised that emotions are involved in purchasing decisions. So are you really engaging with your customers on that [...]

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‘All the feels’ – connecting with your customer’s emotions to build a powerful brand

How important is customer experience? Very important, according to a 2016 report from US research and advisory group Forrester Inc. Nearly three quarters of businesses point to improving customer experience as their top priority. It’s great that so many firms have switched on to this topic, but not everyone is up-to-speed on what it means or why it’s important. For one thing, it’s easily confused with ‘customer service’, which is a much bigger issue. Author Colin Shaw describes customer experience as ‘a blend of an organisation’s physical performance, the senses stimulated and emotions evoked… intuitively measured against customer expectations across all moments of contact’. In other words, customers are always watching, judging, and remembering. In doing so they’re forming emotional [...]

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From courage to commitment – the five Cs that make a great leader

Leadership is a fascinating, complex and multi-dimensional subject. What makes a great leader? How do great leaders inspire people? And how does this all come together to enable people to build great organisations? These questions have fuelled debate for centuries, between philosophers, academics and business practitioners. But whether you consider leadership a skill, a character trait, a behaviour, or a process, there’s no denying its ability to make or break a company. Your employees’ thinking patterns, emotional responses and business conduct will often depend on the actions of an influential few – and that power can be harnessed for better or for worse. The pillars of leadership So let’s take a look at the five fundamental pillars of leadership, and [...]

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ROI on your mind? It’s time to rethink employee performance management

Employees have the power to make or break a business: successful ventures are underpinned by the blood, sweat, and tears of talent. What’s more, when a work environment doesn’t inspire people to act and it doesn’t promote the personal and professional development of individuals and teams, it can seriously undermine your growth and profitability. A performance management system that fails to tap into the potential each individual brings to the table can be a costly setback for your entire business. Sparking engagement, creativity, and productivity in your staff can be tricky though – it takes real strategic direction and great managers. This is challenging since employee performance management (EPM) is often viewed as an administrative chore by most managers: it’s [...]

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The real cost of hiring the wrong people

What’s the real cost of hiring the wrong employee? Eye-watering, according to the latest research. Last year online job board Career Builder interviewed over 2,300 US hiring managers and HR professionals and found that three-quarters of them admitted having hired the wrong person for a position, at a cost of up to USD 24,000 each for larger firms. It’s a similar story in the UK, where replacing an employee costs more than GBP 30,000 – or GBP 4bn per year across the country – not to mention taking an average of eight months to get a replacement up to speed. But what exactly do we mean by ‘hiring the wrong person’? As employers, we have every opportunity to assess the [...]

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Drive innovation by identifying entrepreneurial spirit among your employees

When you hear the word entrepreneur, what springs to mind? The likes of Richard Branson, the late Steve Jobs or even Mark Zuckerberg may pop into your head. We tend to think of entrepreneurs as global business founders and leaders: those with the big ideas, innovations and companies. Yet the entrepreneurial spirit need not be confined to the CEO’s office. In reality, some of your employees may already be displaying the entrepreneurial behaviour necessary for running a company and being a leader. While some bosses might see this as a threat, it’s something you have a duty to encourage. What’s more, if you’re able to tap into these traits and help cultivate them, it could bring exciting advances for your [...]

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