It is widely recognised that entrepreneurs are fundamental to any economy in the world. They play a critical role in economic development and growth; they create prosperity for themselves, their companies, their employees and their cities.

They do this by using their natural talent to turn an idea into a customer. They create new products, services, opportunities, and jobs. The Gallup Organization has studied great entrepreneurs for over a decade to understand how they start, sustain, and grow successful companies. This research has helped Gallup define the 10 talents of highly successful entrepreneurs.

Building on Gallup’s existing, and hugely successful StrengthsFinder assessment, they have designed the Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder (“ESF”) to help people discover and develop their business-building talents.


If you’re an entrepreneur, or you’re about to embark on a new entrepreneurial venture, an owner of a small-to- medium sized business, or a student, we invite you to identify your entrepreneurial talents.

Alternatively, you may be an investor; a private equity firm or a venture capitalist wanting to know if you’re investment is in safe hands. We think you should identify the entrepreneurial talent of the person or group of people entrusted to deliver a return on investment.

We identify entrepreneurial talent by using Gallup’s web-based Entrepreneurial StrenghtsFinder assessment. The assessment takes no longer than 30 minutes, and the report will be issued almost instantaneously, identifying an individual’s unique entrepreneurial talent profile. The report will reveal the ranking and intensity of the 10 talents of entrepreneurship.


We have designed and developed an Entrepreneur Foundation Programme, designed to nurture the innate entrepreneurial talents of each individual, yielding extraordinary results.

This programme is suited for companies who have or would like to establish an ‘intrapreneurship’ programme, or for business incubation entities, or for entrepreneurs who just need some additional tools and coaching to help them understand and develop their entrepreneurial talent.

We believe this tool will enable stakeholders to predict the likelihood of achieving the desired return on investment. It will improve the success rate of business incubators, and ultimately it will allow entrepreneurs to speed the process of venture creation and growth.

This programme consists of three stages. Stage one of the programme measures the entrepreneurial ability of the individuals at the helm of a business. Stage two is the beginning of the entrepreneur’s journey to nurture, develop and invest in their entrepreneurial abilities. Stage three of the programme is a prescriptive development programme for each organisation or individual adapted to their specific ESF strengths and limitations profile.

The purpose of the highly interactive modular programme is to progress the development of entrepreneurs in areas identified in the discovery workshop focusing on high impact skills, behaviours and leading edge tools, critical for operating as entrepreneurial business leaders – committed to building high performance, sustainable organisations.

Each module is based on a cluster of one or more ESF talents and each can be undertaken in succession as an entire programme or as a stand-alone learning event.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you identify and develop your entrepreneurial talent. We can send you an information pack too.