To reliably influence corporate strategies such as sustainable growth and ‘real’ profit increase requires a strategy that you can execute, and a relentless focus on your organisational capability – people, process and technology.

Our thought leadership, hands on operational experience and insights are aimed towards delivering significant and sustainable business growth. We offer management consulting to businesses across many industry sectors.

We’ve developed tools and methodologies that deliver tangible results for our clients.



Do you need capital to grow your business? Are you looking to invest in start-ups or businesses set for growth? We can help you raise capital by connecting you to potential investors. We provide independent investment advisory services, focused on the Middle East and Africa.

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Do you have a business strategy? Are you having difficulty executing your strategy? We can help you formulate a strategy and we can help you execute it. We believe strategy execution drives operational excellence, and operational excellence drives superior financial results.

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How can I sell more? How do I motivate my team to sell more? What’s the secret formula to closing? How do I tackle the price objection? These are just some of the problems we are asked to solve. We can impact your top-line and set your business on a path for growth.

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Is talent acquisition and talent management a priority for your business? Are you adept at measuring performance and accountability? Crafting a corporate culture begins with people. We love helping organisations create a workplace that takes great care of its employees. We believe people are your competitive differentiator.

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What separates successful business owners from less successful ones? What are the traits and behaviours that drive an individual to start, sustain, and grow a successful business? Get in touch with us if you would like to identify your entrepreneurial talent, and explore some tools and development programmes to nurture and enhance your innate entrepreneurial talent.

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How do you differentiate your business in a highly competitive environment? Are your customers feeling loved and loyal or are they easy targets for your competitors? Whether you need a compelling new loyalty strategy or you already have a loyalty programme and are simply looking for exciting new ideas, our loyalty expertise offers strategic thinking and effective solutions to ensure you acquire and retain customers.

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Does your customer experience consistently embody your brand identity, values and personality? Do you constantly recognise and deliver on the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your customers’ expectations? We obsess about understanding and developing a superior branded customer experience to create advocates, enabling you grow loyalty and recommendation.

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How actively does your organization pursue positive change?  Do your people have the tools, knowledge and support to help you optimize your environment and create distinct competitive advantages.  We have the expertise to harness the creativity within your organization and the tools to enable you drive focused innovation, ensuring you are always a step ahead.

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