Hiring for success.

Talent-based acquisition is all about ensuring you hire for success. We help you distinguish between ‘good’ candidates and the ‘best’ candidates.

We believe that organisations should hire people based on ‘talent’, not just skills,knowledge and experience. We help clients identify what talent looks like for people across all levels of the organisation, be it entry-level, management or leadership roles. We ensure hiring policies and processes identify talent (attributes) that will predict potential performance and cultural fit.

We believe the first few steps in the hiring value chain must be performed almost perfectly otherwise the remaining linkages to performance, employee engagement and hence business growth will not eventuate or meet expectations.

We can help you select the best people for your organisation by doing the following:

  1. Develop and implement fair and consistent hiring policies and processes;
  2. Develop a set of talent profiles (often referred to as competencies) that can be used across all levels of the organisation, ensuring they are linked to other key people processes such as talent management and performance management;
  3. Develop structured interview guides for all levels of the organisation to give your hiring managers the best possible tools to ensure they select the right people;
  4. Provide structured interview training for all hiring managers and other people involved in your company’s recruitment process;
  5. Strategic recruitment marketing.

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